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DragonHeart loudspeaker cable

Lautsprecherkabel DragonHeart

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Astonishing oneself is the only thing that makes life worth living (Oscar Wilde)

Our DragonHeart loudspeaker cable represents the ultimate speaker connection. The actual listening experience far exceeds the expectations created by the cable's exquisite appearance and transports the audiophile listener from a "good" standard performance to a musical experience on an entirely different - and higher - plane.

The usual attributes cannot be used to describe the qualities of the DragonHeart. They must be experienced in their totality, i.e. with all our senses.

The DragonHeart is impervious to external interference. The hermetic shielding composed of a combination of silver monofilament, copper, Teflon and aluminum prevents internal interference as well. In addition, the outer jacket of a specially constructed textile monofilament eliminates subsonic noise.

All connectors feature a three-layer hard gold finish (24 carat) to reduce transition resistance. The banana plugs have rhodium-plated springs.

The DragonHeart loudspeaker cable is the result of many years of preparation, culminating in the uncompromising realization of a loudspeaker connector that is high-end in the absolute sense of the term which we apply to this - and all - our products.

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