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Sovereign MK II loudspeaker cable

Lautsprecherkabel Sovereign

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It is our pleasure here to present our loudspeaker cable

Sovereign MKII

- a cable with which few speaker interconnects available on the global market can compare.

With the Sovereign MKII we have entered dimensions of sound reproduction previously believed unattainable.

The name is program:

The Sovereign MKII reproduces the music signals with "regal" sovereignty and superiority. It awakens the latent potential and unused capabilities of loudspeakers and opens new dimensions for the performance of every device chain.

Is it possible to approximate the musical experience of a concert hall in this way?

Sovereign MKII

In our opinion: yes.

The construction materials are a special mixture of copper and silver.

Highly complex multi-layered shielding (Teflon-coated aluminum foil, copper and polypropylene shielding) isolates the conductors from all external sources of interference.

A ferrite band is added to prevent high frequency interference without impeding the signal flow. Following a break-in phase of around 40 hours the cable begins to develop its exquisite properties.

We again recommend, as with our previous reference cables:

Hear the difference yourself. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration. Enjoy!

We guarantee an unforgettable experience.

HB Cable Design