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Orpheus' Lyra

Loudspeaker cable Orpheus' Lyra

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Following many years of research and development, we proudly present our top-of-the-line loudspeaker cable, the Orpheus' Lyra, the successor to our time-honoured reference cable "The Heart of Music".

We went our own way during the development process rather than clinging to traditional theories. The result is a unique synthesis of perfect sound and appealing styling.

The powerful performance of our products is attributable in large part to the complex connector mounting technology used in all our cables.

Our design concepts are finely adapted to the materials used and their physical properties. The result: excellent sound qualities which make musical reproduction an extraordinarily pleasing experience for discerning ears.

The job of speaker cables is to convey electrical signals swiftly with as little distortion and loss as possible. Crucial factors are the electrical properties loop resistance (R) and inductance (L). In this respect, our Orpheus' Lyra line approaches the ultimate ideal of a direct connection between points A and B.

Our goal was: high-end performance in perfection.

With the Orpheus' Lyra line we have reached that goal.

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