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Power strip Powerslave Acrylic

Power strip Powerslave Acrylic MKII

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Our power strips are designed for hi-fi enthusiasts seeking the ultimate musical experience and unwilling to accept compromise when it comes to the emotional experience of sound.

Our power strips, the Powerslaves, are unique.

All our expertise and "philosophy" with respect to sound and sound creation were poured into the design and production of this device:

What we hear during musical reproduction is - in a figurative sense - electricity. A rapid and unobstructed pathway is needed to enable the dynamics of the signal-conducting power flow to develop their full potential. This requires the use of the highest quality materials to ensure minimum impediment of the signal path. In the configuration of the interior wiring we took great care to ensure that each socket maintains the same low level of ohmage during heavy loads.

We selected silver and copper for use as conductor materials. The effective diameter is 13 qmm. Each socket has a separate, quadruple power supply. All contacts are gold-plated to ensure optimal transition resistance. All connecting points have been carefully soldered with 10 Ag silver solder.

We purposefully chose not to attach a permanent power cable in order to accommodate user preferences. Here again we use our own special panel plugs to keep the transition resistance of the grid power supply to a minimum. No filters!

As is the case with all products in this series, the design of our power strip and the choice of materials used was based on our concept of perfection. The results can be heard - and seen - and we're proud of it.

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HB Powerslave Acrylic

HB Powerslave Acrylic

HB Powerslave Acrylic

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