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Passion Interconnect

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Passion (RCA und XLR: The Next Generation

Our Passion interconnect has also been further enhanced using new, high-performance materials.

A rapid flow of music and transparent resolution, especially of midband and high frequencies, could be considered the principal characteristics of the Passion cable and the reason for the glowing passion inherent in its musical reproduction.

The impression of a musical lightness in conjunction with a steady sense of immediacy cannot be compared with the sudden "aha" experience triggered, for example, by the initial encounter with cables constructed on a pure silver basis.

Like all cables in our collection, the Passion delivers a sound that features both high resolution and a richness which leaves a lasting impression without degenerating into the superficial, "grating" tonal response eventually produced by pure silver cables.


The cable takes some patience - a break-in period of around 40 hours is required to enable the specially mounted conductor material consisting of 70% copper and 30% silver to develop its full sound potential.

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