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HB Proton Digital

Digital cable HB Proton Digital

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Low-oxygen copper is the sole conductor material used in the Proton Digital digital interconnect.

The conductor is embedded in solid shielding consisting of sandwiched layers of Teflon, braided copper and silver monofilament to eliminate internal and external interference and create the optimum environment for unimpeded and utterly distortion-free signal transmission.

A characteristic feature of the Proton Digital cable is the thoroughly harmonious reproduction of mid-range and high frequencies in a manner which is completely natural and faithful without overemphasis and is impeccably complemented by pronounced, resounding bass.

Even after long and intensive listening sessions the HB Proton Digital cable makes music an emotional experience in which the stereo components and interconnects fade into the background while pure sound fills the room and takes the listener on a very personal musical journey.

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